Have you ever been the victim of an exorbitant bill after you hired the services of a car rental agency? Now, it’s understandable that amidst the global oil crisis the cost of fuel keeps on rising, and as a result the bill also increases. But if you inspect carefully, most of the bill is not about the fuel prices. There are a lot of hidden charges in the bill that are just meant to snatch the money out of your pocket. If you do away with these hidden charges, you will find that your bill has been reduced to half the original amount.

Now, most agencies don’t let their customers know these facts. And why should they? Everybody out there wants to make a quick buck. These charges are actually optional. You can easily get them removed from your car rental bill. Want to know what they are? Read on.


  • 10% of the bill is taken for surcharges and airport taxes. That means if you leave the car at the airport, the airport authorities charge the rental companies a fee before they can pick up the car. The government also levies some business tax on the rental agency for doing business in the airport. How can you avoid this? Most airports offer free shuttles operating in fixed routes. Avail these services and leave the car far away from the airport so that you can do away with that 10% extra charge in your bill.
  • You pay an amount ranging from 10 to 25 bucks for any damage that you may cause the car while using it per day. Most insurance policies cover damages caused to rental cars as part of their standard coverage policies. Check with your company if they have the same clause as part of their policy and if they do, do away with the Loss Damage Waiver in your bill.
  • Most people opt to go out with a full tank which is funded by the rental agency. They give you the card with the tank filled and charge you for the entire fuel, even if you don’t use the entire amount. You don’t get a refund on the amount of fuel you have saved. In some cases, they may even charge you some extra as penalty for not using up the entire fuel. So, the best idea is to fill your own fuel, just the amount that you may need. This saves up a lot of money.

  • Drop-off fees are very common, though their amount varies according to the state you are in. If your pickup and drop locations are not the same, you get charged this fee and it may be as high as a 1000 bucks. So, as far as possible, return the car in the original location. If not, at least drop it at some location where the fee should be a minimal amount that you won’t mind paying.
  • There is also something known as Early Return fee i.e. if you return the car too early.

To do away with all these hidden charges, you can be attentive but it is better to choose a loyal and trustworthy car rental agency which is sure to not dupe you. Visit site web locationrakotobe-mada.com and make use of their services. You are sure to not get disappointed.