In our usual busy and hectic life, we do not get enough time to do the things we actually like. We can’t take time off from work whenever we want. And then we miss out many latest movies that we wanted to watch, can’t cope up with popular TV series, etc. It’s a very common problem for most of the people these days.

In this situation, some people get pirated movies, some get movies on rent from others, the quality is never guaranteed to be good and we have to pay for it too. Some people watch TV series online in bad quality, or they pay some websites and watch it in good quality. Some websites are good, some are not.

Here, we have got a perfect app for you. You can use it on your mobile phone, tablet, PC, iphone, Android, windows, Mac, any gadget that you own. MovieTube is available everywhere, it’s free, and has many good advantages of it. The latest version, MovieTube 4.4 is just 13MB, so won’t take much RAM also. It requires 2.1 for Android and similar for other gadgets.

It is an application which has a very huge collection of movies and popular TV series. All the movies and TV series has taken from YouTube database, it makes the experience of watching YouTube movies easy. It contains latest movies in HD. It’s very simple to use, anyone can use it.

You can filter searches and watch different languages. It has movies in 18 languages. From different parts of the world. It includes English, Korean, Spanish, Indian, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Thai, German, Portuguese, French, Malay etc. movies.  You can also filter by Genre, time period, quality. It has various qualities of movies too. You get Cam, DVD, HD, SD, TS and some more or less depending on the gadget you’re using. It’s almost same on all the gadgets, but some things may differ. You also get movies from 1917 and 30’s and all the hit classics after that.


The latest version MovieTube 4.4 has fixed the bugs which were in the previous version. It was mostly related to the buffering issue while playing 1080p videos. Even the reviews for this version are good, people are really liking it. It seems that the problem from the previous version has been solved.

If you’re a fan of movies, MovieTube is perfect for you.